Herbert Peck

Herb is Production Manager of Common Sense Media Communications. He is a graduate of Syracuse University School of Public Communications, Television and Radio with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Herb’s 40-year career in television production is impressive. He started out in 1975 as Assistant Director of Production Control for WNET/THIRTEEN and was responsible for daily staffing supervision and delegation of project assignments.

He established production procedures and project plans to best accommodate financial guidelines with independent producers. And reported financial information to various sectors of the corporation.

In 1981, Herb became Production Manager and Director of Unit Managers for MTV and Nickelodeon. His expertise included programming, finance operations and legal aspects. Interfaced with programming heads and legal to form a better understanding of production needs and restrictions of each programming unit. Served as a consultant developing new budget proposals.

He participated in production planning and budget estimating for major program series including “Great Performances”, “Sporting Life” “Summerfare”, “UN Day Concert”, “American Pop-The Great Singers”, “Healthline”, “GI Jive” and “The Papal Visit”.

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