Common Sense Media Productions, Inc.

  is a *NONPROFIT  film & video production consulting company that has, since 2005, provided learning opportunities for film/video students by employing them as “working” interns with real life clients.


Colleges and universities are the world's most important assets. We need these institutions to enable students to be passionate, lifelong learners and doers. Our goal is to be a bridge between the idealistic student and the real world during this time of economic upheaval.

Research reveals a wide disconnect between the way our country's youth thinks, learns, communicates, and collaborates and the way post-secondary institutions are organized to deliver value to the student.

With our "Intern Mentoring Program", the students serve in all of the crew positions and perform all of the technical and creative work but are supervised and learn under an experienced filmmaker (Mentor), who has been making movies, TV shows, commercials, documentaries, and film/videos for a living, for at least 20 years, while providing needed media services to local businesses.

Now ask yourself, how would students benefit from our approach?


By having both a teacher in a classroom and a working professional from a film/video company mentoring them in a real environment, to enhance their learning experience and provide potential job opportunities.       

Our interns have an 90% employment rate in the media industry.

With us they will go beyond everything they could do in a traditional film program, and so much more…


*Common Sense Media Productions,Inc. has applied for nonprofit 501(c)3 status in the State of New York.

Common Sense Media Productions, Inc.
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